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Kitbag - The Digital Kit Era Has Arrived

Posted by Dean Spaniol on

FIFA’s expressive digital 4th kits exclusively found FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team mode have come to life as Adidas and FIFA’s unprecedented merchandising tactic have physically created the 4th kit from Ultimate Team in FIFA 18.

Four of the world’s biggest clubs have had their flashy 4th Kit made, and this year a limited run will be made and officially sold online in time for the holidays.

The influence of the FIFA franchise on soccer culture self-evident. Responsible for introducing many new soccer fans and making players household names, their wide-reach has introduced a brand new form of exclusive digital soccer apparel coveted by FIFA and non-FIFA soccer fans alike.

These 4th kits are bold, modern takes on style and fashion compared to the classic all-black boots and plain kit culture seen in much of soccer in the past.

What are your thoughts on these wild and erratic digital kit ideas?

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