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About Fuse Soccer

Fusing the gap between sports, education and epic vacations: Welcome to Fuse Soccer.

Who are we …

Fuse's co-founders boast a combined over 50 years' experience of the professional game in England, the home of football.

This deep understanding fuels our commitment to developing well-rounded players both on and off the field. In 2017, we used all this experience, knowledge, and expertise to devise soccer experiences of a lifetime.

It's time to Fuse

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What we do …

Fuse Soccer offers a variety of exciting programs throughout the year designed to develop young soccer players aged 6-16, both on and off the field.

Led by coaches from Arsenal Football Development, our programmes provide players with a unique opportunity to learn directly from one of the best clubs recognized for developing youth talent. These sessions focus on developing technical skills, tactical awareness, and a deep understanding of the beautiful game.

We offer a wide range of independent courses led by experienced coaches, catering to all skill levels. Players can choose from various programs on this site that fit their needs and availability.

Where we do it …

Orlando Adventure:

Combine the world-class coaching of Arsenal FC with the thrills of Universal Orlando Resort!

Our Orlando programs incorporate professional soccer training with unforgettable adventures.

Special rates are available to attending Fuse players and their family to Universal Orlando Resort's three theme parks, entertainment complex, and resort hotels. This is a truly unique chance to develop your soccer skills and create memories that last a lifetime.

Local Club Programmes:

Fuse Soccer isn't limited by borders! We can bring the Arsenal coaching experience directly to your local club, wherever in the world you are. Already we have visited, Orlando, Raleigh, Tallahassee, London and in the Summer 24, we are off to Tokyo and Sapporo offering various programs, including clinics and camps, designed to elevate your team's skills and inspire a love for the sport.

The London Experience:

Immerse yourself in the “World of football” with our exclusive London programs.

Bring your team to London and train at the Emirates Hub, tour the legendary Emirates Stadium, and potentially catch a Premiership game live (during season). Fuse Soccer can also arrange unforgettable extras like tours of Premiership training grounds and meet-and-greets with ex-professional players.

What to expect …

Our Experiences are built around our Arsenal “Strong Young Gunner” model, with 4 distinct development areas:

effective team players, efficient movers, lifelong learners, and champion mentality.

This is the same model utilized by Arsenal’s academy. Arsenal’s coaching team is trained to tailor this model to each audience they engage with.

The Strong Young Gunner model is used throughout the club to develop young people and players with the belief it leads to holistic development and ensures young people develop life skills as well as football skills.

Why do we do this …

We at Fuse Soccer are driven by a singular purpose: to ignite a lifelong love for soccer in young players, while fostering the development of well-rounded individuals. We believe the beautiful game offers more than just athletic skills; it's a powerful tool for building character.

At Fuse Soccer, everyone is welcomed into a fun and safe environment. Our programs delve into the rich history and culture of soccer, while providing the highest level of coaching from qualified and experienced Arsenal coaches. We go beyond technical skills development, focusing on the social, psychological, and physical growth of each player. Through our unique approach, Fuse Soccer helps young athletes develop valuable life skills like leadership, resilience, and discipline, all while nurturing their passion for the sport.

Fuse Soccer isn't just about developing soccer skills; it's about fostering a lifelong love for the sport, building confidence, and promoting teamwork and sportsmanship.

Throw in epic adventures at Universal Orlando Resort, with three theme parks, entertainment complex and resort hotels, and it all adds up to a memorable chance of a lifetime.