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Arsenal Summer Experience Orlando 24

Posted by Matt Hicks on

FUSE Soccer is bringing its 4th annual summer experience alongside Arsenal Football Development back to the Sunshine State in 2024! 

The FUSE summer series offers a unique camp experience that combines certified coaching and training programs directly from the Arsenal Football Development programs used at Hale End with all of the perks of the USA’s most popular tourist destination. 

Arsenal Football Development provides youth players around the world with the elite training methodologies and coaching Arsenal uses to develop Strong Young Gunners. The strong young gunners ethos prepares players to thrive both on and off the pitch by helping to strengthen a championship mentality, become efficient movers, develop their technique and become lifelong learners of the beautiful game.
Learning to play the Arsenal way allows kids abroad to grow their skills on the field while learning about the culture of the Premier League, picking up unique training tips from top coaches and a fun platform that will create lasting memories for kids of any skill level interested in the sport. FUSE registration also offers tons of unique perks that will help families maximize their time in Orlando and create an unforgettable experience. 
FUSE Soccer will host the summer camp series in Orlando, FL on the week of July 15th - 19th. 
7 - 14 Years - 9:00am to 11:00am ET 

Why not learn to "Play The Arsenal Way" at one of our soccer camp experiences!

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