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Christian Pulisic To Prove Himself In Premier League

Posted by Dean Spaniol on

Chelsea F.C. have paid $73 million for Borussia Dortmund’s Christian Pulisic.This is a monumental transfer for US Soccer, and makes the 20-year-old the most expensive American player ever in the sport.

People in North America and beyond have perked up and started paying attention to US soccer and their youngsters abroad after this made global sporting news. However, after the US national disappointingly missed out on qualifying for last World Cup, the new generation of talent led by Pulisic have much to prove in the international space.

Give Pulisic A Chance To Develop


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CHOO CHOO...all aboard the Pulisic hype train!

Articles upon articles, talking heads and pundits alike are toting Pulisic to become US soccer’s first global superstar after the Chelsea deal.
Words of caution: SLOW DOWN.

We’ve all heard this before - Freddy Adu, Charlie Davies, Taylor Twellman, Brian Ching - all toted to spearhead a “golden generation” of US talent that were primed for international success.

While there are reasons to believe Pulisic is a different case, the US soccer federation and media must give Pulisic the time and space he needs to develop into the player his talent promises

Good things are shaped to come from Pulisic, but don’t expect too much, too early.

Pulisic’s Dip In Form - Better Fit At Chelsea

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It’s true - Pulisic has seen a dip in form this year under newly instated Dortmund coach Favre. His minutes, production rates and xG have all gone down this past season, but there are indications that much of it has to do with his role on the pitch under a new manager.

Pulisic broke into Thomas Tuchel’s Champions League Dortmund side in 2016/17 as a ferocious teenager who worked hard in a fast-pressing system and had a keen eye for finding space in dangerous areas. His stats were amongst Europe’s elite and his xG stats were up amongst the likes of Osumane Dembele, Dele Alli, Eden Hazard and Leroy Sane when they were under the ages of 21.

Favre’s system has seen Pulisic pushed back on the pitch into a more defensive role, and the result has seen youngster Jaden Sancho take his starting role.

Under Sarri’s possession-oriented, high-pressing system - pulisic is primed to regain his form and see tons of improvement playing amongst Europe’s elite.

Stats indicate there is a mere 2% xG decline from Bundesliga players entering the first year of English football, and doubts over both Willian and Hudson-Odoi leaves the window open for Pulisic to thrive.

Plus, being under Eden Hazard’s mentorship could inspire and improve the young American quickly.

All things considered, this historic transfer for Pulisic and US soccer can pave the way for more Americans abroad and give hope to the future of a struggling national team.  

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