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Playr Tracking System

We are proud to partner with Playr, the only player tracking system that gets you closer to the professionals.

Playr Tracking System Fuse Soccer

New to the Fuse Soccer Academy and available on selected courses, we're giving you the chance to track and analyse every aspect of your game, just like a professional.

Track and analyse every aspect of your game like a professional

Playr Fuse Soccer Partner

Using an advanced player tracking system that detects up to 1250 movements per second, PLAYR is the only Soccer SmartCoach application that gives you a GPS heatmap alongside sprint, distance and speed data.

Playr Tracking System Fuse Soccer

Providing the insights that matter, our intuitive Soccer SmartCoach system analyses your data from a game or training session, and then tailors detailed advice to your performance.

Sports science brings the numbers to life

From nutrition to sleep, our leading sports scientists around the world have you covered when it comes to aiding recovery, improving your fitness and ensuring efficient preparation.


This technology has already transformed how professionals play the game, and now it’s available to the Fuse Soccer Academy.


Playr Tracking System Fuse Soccer